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December 30, 2019

final weekending of 2019
posted by soe 1:29 am


This weekend included:

  • Sleeping in.
  • A lot of reading.
  • A little shopping — mostly groceries.
  • Going out to see Last Christmas at our local second-run theater.
  • A nice long walk in the ridiculously warm weather.
  • Knitting — my sock is about twice as long now as it was in that picture from yesterday afternoon.
  • Drinking tea.
  • Painting my nails.
  • Hanging up my Christmas cards.
  • Snuggling with Corey.
  • I have three more days before life returns to its workaday normal. Some of that will be spent with chores, some with friends watching films, and some relaxing. But I’d like to go back to work feeling like I’d made the most of my time off, so I plan to spend the time deliberately, no matter what I’m doing.

    How was your final weekend of the year?

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