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December 9, 2019

virtual advent tour 2019: day 9
posted by soe 6:00 am

Virtual Advent Tour 2019

Welcome back to the Virtual Advent Tour. We’ve reached Day 9, which means we’re more than a third of the way through the season!

Today, I’m sending you off to Beyond Strange New Words, where Jo Kay has a post for us about winter evenings. I’m nearly positive that Jo Kay is our only Tour participant this year writing from somewhere that’s not North America.

I hope you have a great Monday (there are only four more this year!), and I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow.

(And to those of you who sent well-wishes for the party, thank you. I neither pretended to be out when our first guests arrived, nor burst into tears during the frenzied pre-party period, and the 30 people who crammed into our apartment seemed to enjoy themselves. Plus, I now have a nicely clean bathroom — although I did forget to put the soap back into the soap dish after I cleaned it, and no one mentioned it, so I didn’t discover that until the final guests had departed. Oh well…)

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