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December 14, 2019

virtual advent tour 2019: day 14
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Virtual Advent Tour 2019

Earlier this month, I gave you recommendations for holiday movies from the 20th century that I like. Today, I’ll share ten from the first two decades of this century.

They are in no particular order.

  1. The Holiday (2006): Two women, one in L.A. and one in an English village and both reeling from heartbreak, trade homes at Christmas and find what they need most.
  2. Love Actually (2003): A series of interconnected London romances coalesce through the holiday season, culminating on Christmas Eve.
  3. The Polar Express (2004): A boy, teetering on the edge of no longer believing in Santa Claus, takes a train to the North Pole, ultimately discovering faith in the unseen, yet still known.
  4. Elf (2003): A man, raised by an elf in the North Pole, moves to New York City, in search of a relationship with his birth father, a high-powered ad executive. This is Will Ferrell at his funniest.
  5. The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017): A fictionalized version of Charles Dickens, teetering on the edge of personal and fiscal crisis, is haunted by the ghosts of the characters who will come together to form the cast of A Christmas Carol.
  6. Arthur Christmas (2011): In this animated tale, Santa’s bumbling, but well-intentioned younger son, must fix a misdelivery in time to save Christmas for a little girl while overcoming a series of misadventures involving reindeer and his grandfather.
  7. The Santa Clause 2 (2008): In the second of the Santa Clause trilogy, Santa discovers there’s a second clause and that he must find a wife or forfeit the job.
  8. A Christmas Prince (2017): In this Netflix film, a journalist goes undercover in a fictional European nation as a governess to get the scoop on the heir to the throne, but she discovers a much more personally interesting story. (There are two sequels, the newest of which I haven’t yet seen, that continue the saga.)
  9. The Man Who Saved Christmas (2002): Based on a true story, a Connecticut toymaker, whose factory is requisitioned during WWI petitions the government to let him resume making toys to bring joy to the nation’s children during wartime.
  10. The Christmas Chronicles (2018): In this Netflix film, two siblings’ attempt to photograph Santa on Christmas Eve go off the rails, taking them on an adventure that results in Santa’s imprisonment and one of the most joyful jail-cell jams in cinematic history.

Are there any Christmas movies from the past 20 years that you particularly love?

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