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August 3, 2019

home alone weekend
posted by soe 1:01 am

Rudi is off playing bicycles this weekend, leaving Corey and me home alone. Corey has informed me that while he is happy to curl up next to me at night and holler at me whenever I walk into the kitchen, probably that’s the extent of his weekend plans. I’m going to try not to make it the extent of mine.

Laundry mountain is no longer in danger of smothering me in my sleep, but probably could use further attention, particularly as I’m traveling later in the week and might like to take clean clothes. Likewise, the living room is in danger of being declared a natural disaster site and I should probably stop trying to address that by smothering it from above.

I had plans to watch Wonder Woman outdoors tonight, but the threat of thunderstorms caused them to call it early — a disappointment, since it ended up with clear skies, but understandable. Instead, I took myself to the library to collect my holds, to the garden to water, to the pool to swim, and then back home to watch the season finale of Agents of SHIELD.

I might try to get over to Virginia tomorrow night to watch Norma Rae outdoors if the weather holds and I can figure out the travel logistics with Metro and bikeshare. Or there’s also a free modern Carmen adaptation at the Kennedy Center tomorrow evening, should I want someplace less complicated to visit.

I have some job search stuff to take care of over the weekend, as always these days.

I’d like to spend some time reading and some time knitting. I need to remember to water my houseplants. And I’ll need milk at the farmers market. Rudi suggested that if there was a deal to be had on bulk tomatoes that he’d be willing to tackle turning them into sauce when he gets back to town.

And as sleep should also be something I tackle this weekend, I’ll bid you a good night!

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