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March 23, 2019

late march weekend planning
posted by soe 1:23 am

Glory be! It’s the last weekend of the ski season! Rudi will be home by midday on Monday! It’s supposed to be dry!

In my final few days holding down the home front, I have already started the weekend off right by heading across town for a book reading (Bowlaway by Elizabeth McCracken, about an early 20th-century woman who builds a candlepin bowling alley in a Massachusetts town), followed by a Korean mushroom bun eaten while walking to the grocery store (for whipped cream).

Tomorrow, there’s an early afternoon alumni gathering that I might attend. Then I’m going to head back to the bookstore for another reading (Giraffes on Horseback Salad by Josh Frank, Manuela Pertega, and Tim Heidecker, a graphic novel version of the film script written by Salvador Dalí for the Marx Brothers lost until the late 1990s amongst Groucho’s papers) and then possibly on to a second bookstore, where they’re holding a standup show based on failed attempts to follow Marie Kondo’s uncluttering advice. I’m not usually a standup fan, but I’m hopeful that this one will work for me. Otherwise, I’ll just head home to Netflix (or read) and chill.

Sunday, I’ll head to the farmers market (I suspect it’s still too early for ramps, but maybe I’ll find some spring onions or spring garlic) and then it’s off to a friend’s house for the afternoon to divvy up our baseball season tickets. I’ll probably bike home via the Tidal Basin. Peak bloom season isn’t slated to arrive for another week or two, but the early trees supposedly have some flowers, if they didn’t all drop during today’s afternoon thunderstorm. The UConn women play in the evening, so I might try to stream some of the radio broadcast of their game while I attempt to put the living room back to rights after yesterday’s excitement.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

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