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March 20, 2019

farewell, winter! welcome, spring!
posted by soe 1:45 am

Today was the final full day of winter.


The Old Man held onto his domain until the last: although today was beautifully blue and sunny, there was a brisk north breeze to make those of us who went without coats rue our headiness.


But he cannot keep us in his clutches. Even now, his grasp loosens as the earth warms and brave leaflings burst forth and robins hold court both in the yards during the day and in the trees in the evening.

Daffodil Hill in Rose Park

His final evening was quiet, with the sun setting nearly 20 minutes past seven. His final sunrise will be roughly that same time in the morning. He will need to cede to the new season before tomorrow evening rolls around. He’s been a mild Old Man this year here in the mid-Atlantic (particularly given what many of you have had to deal with), and we’ve been grateful, but we’re ready for him to head south. Bon voyage and see you next December!

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