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March 4, 2019

first march weekending
posted by soe 1:51 am


The weekend included:

  • New books and music, courtesy of my brother and his partner and our 2018 member rewards
  • Pizza from my favorite local pizzeria, thanks to my folks
  • Phone calls with my parents and both Karen and Grey Kitten
  • Chores — laundry and vacuuming and floor mopping and kitchen tidying and sheet changing and shopping at the farmers market
  • Sitting outside next to a happy baby
  • Lots of hot chocolate
  • Cookies left over from my birthday
  • Hearing that my volleyball league got enough players to move forward this week
  • A trip to the library to pick up The Hate U Give dvd
  • Listening to my new cds — loudly
  • Knitting while watching tv
  • Reading — both on paper and on audio

My nails remain their same chippy selves, so I’ll probably just leave them until next weekend, when it’s closer to St. Patrick’s Day. I didn’t start my Sock Madness sock, although I’ve narrowed down my yarn choices to two skeins. I also didn’t block the shawl. (Both of those things are on tap for tomorrow, as is some baking, since Rudi is back home now. And I pretty much know where the tax forms are, so mostly now it’s just a matter of filling out the forms.

How was your weekend?

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