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September 22, 2017

fresh take, up a level, and kindness
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Three beautiful things from the final week of summer:

Popping out to Say Cuckoo!

1. Tonight they showed The Sound of Music in Dupont Circle (it’s the park/traffic circle that gives our neighborhood its name, if you’ve never been here), and a nice-sized crowd showed up to watch. There seemed to be some teen boys in attendance who were very supportive of Maria, shouting, “You can do it!” when she gets intimidated by the Von Trapp’s estate and cheering enthusiastically when she & the Captain hook up. We applauded at the end of songs and whenever Nazis got their comeuppance or Austrians were told to hold strong against tyranny, giving the movie a far more political, and sadly relevant, feel than when I’ve seen it in the past.

Sunset from the Circle

2. I added a second night of volleyball to my schedule this week. (My brain thought there would be less overlap when I signed up, but it looks to be almost a month where I play twice a week.) The second team plays indoors and sometime after I enrolled, they switched it from a social league to a more competitive one, which made me a little nervous that my team would be a bunch of ultra-serious players who got cranky when we (read: I) screwed up. However, it seems at least half of us had jumped in before the league was re-designated, so it ended up being a pretty supportive group who were just there to play and have fun. I mean, granted, we were playing a team running plays in formations, while we were trying to get everyone on the same page of who was setting, but that was okay because we were enjoying ourselves. And while I was moaning over achy knees last night, this morning they were fine enough to run down the metro escalator, much to my relief.


3. Thank you everyone for your kind words after Posey’s death. It’s been a hard week, particularly when we go to bed and she’s not there to lie between us, but your good thoughts have helped to make it easier.

Sunset from the Georgetown Waterfront

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world lately?

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