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September 15, 2017

infection, taking to the streets, and baseball
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It’s Thursday, which means I resurface from under the rock I’ve been dwelling under to tell you about three beautiful things from my past week:

Posey and Jeremiah, Chilling on the Sofa

1. After believing Posey to be at death’s door and taking her to the vet, we found out this morning that she has a really serious urinary tract infection and after some treatments should be just fine.

Apple Cider Press at the Petworth Street Festival

2. T’is the season for neighborhood festivals. We missed the one closest to us a couple weeks ago, but last weekend I made it to ones in Petworth and Adams Morgan, where I checked out local shops, restaurants, artisans, and nonprofits.

Adams Morgan Day Street Food

3. While my Mets have been playing abysmally this week (their scores against the Cubs suggest they were playing football, rather than baseball), the Nationals clinched the Eastern Division over the weekend. We had two last games to watch in person this week: yesterday, the Nationals lost, but tonight they won handily, with some exciting offensive plays to keep us paying attention.

A Curly "W" Pretzel at a Curly "W" Night

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world recently?

Oh, and since Carole and Kat have changed the focus of their Thursday meme-along, my Three Beautiful Things now counts toward that. Head over to see what three things their other friends shared today.

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