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September 7, 2017

early september unraveling
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Early September Unraveling

Look! Knitting! And reading! (Okay, so the books aren’t all that surprising, but, active yarny projects might be!)

The socks are, on the left, Slip Stripe Spiral, my Sock Madness exit round socks from 2016. The first one is all done, and the second is up to the heel. On the right are a new pair of socks I started on Saturday. They’re the Little Pumpkins pattern, which I’ve been wanting to knit since 2008, according to my Ravelry queue. No time like the present, in which they also qualify for a Sock Knitters Anonymous cable challenge! I’m also hoping to spend a little time this weekend working the edging on the shawl I knit last summer. The cool air has me eager to break it out!

On the print book front, we have the first volume (of three) of The Runaways, which Rainbow Rowell is writing a sequel to; The Mothers, which I only began today and so don’t yet have a firm opinion of; and, still, The Tyranny of Petticoats. Oh, and The Hot Bread Kitchen cookbook. Coming up, I’ve got a mystery for the RIP Challenge, and I may work on finishing my Book Bingo card, or I may not worry about it. It’s hard to say.

In the ears, I’m working on The Scam, which is the fourth book in the Fox and O’Hare heist series, and Will Schwalbe’s Books for Living, in which he talks about some of the books that matter to him and the life lessons he’s taken away from them. He has a broad taste in books, ranging from self-help books, mysteries, and kid lit to philosophy, classics, and cookbooks. Since both books expire this weekend, I’ll next be turning to one of the three audiobooks that came off the hold list this week (isn’t that always the way?): Lincoln in the Bardo (which is the audiobook I’ve been looking forward to most this year), Sherman Alexie’s memoir, and Purple Hibiscus, which I’m worried will be too intense in audiobook format.

How about you? Have you been reading anything you recommend? Are you working on any crafty projects, now that we’re into the fall months (only 109 days until Christmas…)?

Unraveling along with As Kat Knits.

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