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November 18, 2015

three things about three things
posted by soe 2:16 am

Carole used to do these posts every once in a while, and tonight I’m just coming up blank for something to share that won’t take ages to compose. In the interest of posting something here, washing the dishes, and getting to bed in the near future, I’m sharing three things about three random topics:

  1. Places I’d Like to Visit
    • Hawaii
    • Someplace where I can see the Northern Lights or the aurora australis
    • Costa Rica
  2. Things about My Cats
    • Posey has, since this summer, started using the tub to poop in. It doesn’t happen all the time, but happens often enough that it’s a problem.
    • We got some long, heavy-duty twist ties with our new Christmas lights, and Corey has adopted them all. He likes to toss them around and carry them around the house and up onto the bed at night. When he’s carrying them, he kind of looks like he has a handlebar mustache.
    • Jeremiah is in a playful mood right now. He’s been tumbling in the tub (where Posey has not pooped today) and chasing the rings from the glass milk jug lids and instigating games of chase with Corey.
  3. Things I’m Looking Forward To
    • Our friend John’s 50th birthday party this weekend.
    • Seeing friends and family next week.
    • The apartment being clean for our tree-trimming party in a couple weeks.
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