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November 9, 2015

posted by soe 1:50 am

This weekend went by faster than I wanted and less satisfactorily than I expected. I suspect that the former will remain true through the end of the year, although I am hopeful the latter was merely an off mood.

Friday evening began pleasantly. I met Rudi and Shawn for dinner prior to their James Bond movie. I like Bond in small doses and only for free, so I came home, napped, and finished a book.

Vanilla-Poached Quince with Cinnamon Whipped Cream

Saturday arrived with drizzle and damp, so Rudi and I responded by staying in pj’s all day and stringing up a new strand of colored lights around the periphery of the living room. We listened to Hamilton and, later, a webcast of a travel talk about France. We reminisced about our trip seven years ago this week, trying to recall certain details, like what we ate, and thinking fondly about our favorite stops. We improved leftover soup cooked earlier in the week and ate some of the quince I poached last weekend. I knit on my shawl while Rudi’s favorite college football team played on national tv and read some (me, not the football team; that would have been weird).

Berries and the Boy

I overslept the morning, not rising until noon today. A short jaunt to the farmers market proved others had not done similarly, as neither baked goods for breakfast nor milk for the week were available. The sun had peeked out, though, so after returning home to eat something and do a load of laundry, I made plans to head out on my bike. Rudi came home from his bike ride, so he joined me for a jaunt to the garden and then a trip to Georgetown, where we purchased snacks and hot drinks. We spent a pleasant hour or so down by the river before the sun disappeared into Virginia. I’ll have to make sure to get out on the early side for lunches this week to soak up some more Vitamin D, because the early sunset is discouraging and certainly doesn’t improve my outlook. I’m finishing tonight with a chapter of the final Harry Potter book, where Harry, Ron, and Hermione are carting around the cursed necklace and generally having a miserable time of things. It’s comforting: I might be having an uninspired, unproductive weekend, but at least I’m not fleeing from the world’s worst criminal. Perspective: it’s good to have.

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