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April 13, 2015

budapest, day two: background, bikes, bath, and bar
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[The start to our Hungarian trip can be found summarized here.]

After a fortifying and thorough morning meal in what was once the palace’s courtyard and now serves as the breakfast room, Rudi and I checked out of the Hotel Palazzo Zichy. Because we had a few hours to kill before check-in opened at our next hotel, we opted to spend midday at the nearby Hungarian National Museum, where we could put our luggage in storage, boning up on the history of our host nation. I came away with a few pieces of information:

Mosaic Design

  1. Hungary was invaded a lot.
  2. If you, like me, have not made the connection, Hungary<---Huns (as in Atilla the).
  3. Hungary, despite their Soviet overlords, had a relatively robust middle class even before the fall of Communism in the late 1980s. Their nation was considered one of, if not the, most liberal of the Eastern Bloc.
  4. A lapidarium is not a pool, but a repository of stone artifacts. The museum’s, located in the basement below the cafe, is home to a beautiful mosaic floor that dates back to the 3rd century A.D.
  5. To photograph much of the museum and its collection requires an extra fee. We are cheap.

Rudi on the Steps of the Hungarian National Museum


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