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July 17, 2012

ten on tuesday: happy, everyday things
posted by soe 11:14 pm

Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic is Ten Everyday Things That Make Me Happy:

  1. Snuggling in for a hug with Rudi
  2. Time spent with friends and family
  3. A purring cat (or three) falling asleep on my lap
  4. A hot cup/pot of tea
  5. Books
  6. Music
  7. The ocean
  8. Color
  9. Thunderstorms
  10. Having written something well

If you want to quibble that a few of those things are neither things nor accessible everyday, I offer a few backups:

  1. New Haven-style pizza
  2. Ripe berries
  3. The scent of vanilla
  4. Lying in the sun
  5. Handknit socks

How about you? What makes you happy?

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