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July 16, 2012

sock ’em, block ’em
posted by soe 2:54 am

Back at the end of May, on the final day of Sock Madness, I finished this pair of socks from earlier in the competition.

Socks Just Grow on Trees, Right?

But it took me a while to block them (dry them in a stretched out fashion to even out the stitches), and then even longer to photograph them.

Mosaica: Close-up

They are knit using the mosaic technique, which means that although the socks are knit using two colors of yarns that you are never actually knitting both colors in the same row. On one row you knit all the stitches that are supposed to be in one color (red, for instance) and you slip from one needle to the next all the stitches that are supposed to be in the other color (white, in this instance).

Sock Madness 2012 - round 4

So while this isn’t fair isle knitting, it is still colorwork and, as such, these are my first finished colorwork objects.



Mosaica, knit with Shibui in ivory and Koigu in P607 and P602 (two very similar but slightly different colorways) with 2.75mm needles.

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