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September 1, 2011

sore, golden, and impromptu
posted by soe 11:39 pm

It’s been a quiet week in the Burrow. But we’re heading into a holiday weekend and the ceremonial end of summer (which will continue on through most of September, so don’t fold up your beach chair just yet):

1. After a year of not doing yoga, I get to two classes on consecutive days. By Sunday, the muscles in my back ache, but in a good way. Secretly, I am relieved to discover I still have muscles in my back.

2. A man wheels his BMX-style bike past on the sidewalk. It looks like it has been touched by King Midas, as it is spray-painted gold, right down to the tires.

3. Practically up until the day we buy the tickets to go, we have never considered Iceland as a vacation destination. But there’s a deal and the allure of the Northern Lights, and suddenly we’ve booked a weeklong November holiday in Reykjavik.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world this past week?

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