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September 13, 2011

fun fall to do list
posted by soe 11:39 pm

Yesterday, Sarah wrote up 13 things she’d like to do between now and Thanksgiving. I thought I’d join her in making such a list, but will stick to ten things since I failed to make the admirable progress on my summer goals that Sarah did on hers. Please note I’m only including fun things I want to do, rather than things I have to do on this list:

  1. Attend the National Book Festival — With the exception of the years we were in England or Salt Lake, I have attended every one of these since we moved down here in 2003. This year it’s two days. That’s twice as much fun!
  2. Finish a sweater — I was hoping to do this over the summer, but then I never picked up anything larger than a sock.
  3. Play volleyball every week — I have joined a rec league. It’s partly to get me playing the one sport I ever really loved taking part in (rather than viewing, like baseball) and partly to introduce me to some new people. Tomorrow night is the first scrimmage, and, frankly, I’m mildly terrified.
  4. Attend weekly yoga classes — I have signed up for classes at four different studios. I have no excuse for not getting to at least one each week.
  5. Pick apples — Both John and Sarah have mentioned it, so one of these next couple weekends should find us at an orchard.
  6. Spend a weekend in Connecticut — I’m overdue for a trip to see the family.
  7. Catch up on my classics — I’m woefully behind on my classics reading challenge.
  8. Find/make a Halloween costume — Because it’s fun to dress up.
  9. Learn twenty useful phrases in a new language — Which leads us directly to …
  10. Go to Iceland — And have a fun time!
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