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June 28, 2010

posted by soe 12:42 am

I’m not even going to attempt to make connections between these random bits of brain natterings:

  • This was one of the few weekends during the year that I had to work. It wasn’t too bad because a) the people in charge work just as hard as the people who report to them, b) I got to knit during the downtime, and c) I procured a pile of free books.
  • Unfortunately, it does mean that I feel a little resentful that tomorrow is Monday and I haven’t had any time off.
  • Gardens need to be watered. Sometimes Mother Nature gives you a helping hand and waters your plants for you. When she doesn’t, you need to step into the gap. When you don’t — and when the temperatures hover in the mid-90s for a week — you should not be surprised to return to your plot to discover your pea vines have turned yellow and your bean crop is small.
  • Someone did fill the water barrels in the garden back up, though, so we were able to give the garden a good soaking tonight.
  • As part of the unofficial kiddie lit readalong that Mikaiya and I are doing, I am re-reading the first Harry Potter novel. I’m just about to turn the page when Harry wakes up on his first Christmas morning at Hogwarts, and I’m so excited for him.
  • I would be hard-pressed to tell you whether I have now re-read The Sorcerer’s Stone or Little Women more times.
  • First corn of the season this evening. Delicious and sweet — it’s clearly summer now!
  • Also, mango lassis are especially nice on a sultry night.
  • A friend gave (!!) me a Wii Fit last month and it has been sitting unopened in our living room for weeks now. Last night I broke it out and got it started up.
  • So far I am best at the hula-hooping game.
  • I am currently working on three socks and reading three books. It’s odd for it to be so parallel.
  • I need to go wash the dinner dishes and put away some produce so I can go to bed.


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