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June 19, 2010

weekend plans
posted by soe 1:37 am

I’m hoping this weekend won’t be too busy. Tomorrow I have the annual Sock Knitters’ Anonymous photo scavenger hunt to take part in. The past two years I have puttered around waiting for Rudi to get home to help me with the picture-taking part of it, but this year I hope to get some of the shots while he’s out on his bike ride on Sky Line Drive.

I’ll have to go over to the garden and water and pick peas and beans and probably the last of the strawberries. We ate our first bean crop last night and our first pod of peas. And our lettuce has featured in salads and tacos.

There might be the first trip of the season to the local pool. And maybe I’ll make granola. I also plan to do a bit of cleaning to capitalize on the tidying Rudi and I did earlier in the week. But otherwise I have a very quiet weekend planned curled up with books and sock test knitting.

Luckily, the weekend has already started off well, although I admit to being a little nervous after spending nearly an hour sitting by myself at a jam-packed Sculpture Garden jazz concert waiting for Rudi or John to join me. Luckily, the weather was beautiful, the music was pleasant, the three girls I approached kindly shifted enough for me to squeeze our blanket down, and I had knitting. I should have eaten something while I waited, though, because it took me a while to stop being cranky after Rudi and John arrived.

Since this week is the Summer Solstice, we found ourselves being kicked out of the garden while it was still light and back in Dupont Circle while the night was still young. The three of us, arguing the whole walk uptown about … politics, cars, immigration, and perceptions … decided to keep the evening going and headed to Locolat, where the conversation grew steadily lighter as our topics switched to movies, superheroes, and film projecting. It was a nice way to mark the start of the weekend.

How about you? Do you have plans for this longest weekend of the year?

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