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August 13, 2009

early hours, extreme kindness, and easy people
posted by soe 1:26 am

I missed writing Three Beautiful Things entirely last week for the first time ever, I believe, during its run on my blog. While travels may have gotten in the way of my posting schedule, it did not slow down beautiful things from happening. Here are three beautiful things from two weeks ago:

1. The Starbucks in Union Station is open early enough to permit me a tea and fritter to take aboard my 4 a.m. train ride.

2. Kate, one of the dyers of Woolarina Yarns, answers my email tale of woe of a second sock without enough yarn to finish. She doesn’t have an exact match, but has something she thinks maye work — which she generously mails to me for free.

3. Shelley and Mike are our easy friends from back in Connecticut. They’re very laid back and everything you suggest is almost always good. They and their kids, Daschel and Irisa, passed through D.C. two Saturdays ago and came into the city to spend the day. We walked and played a lot — on a very hot August day — and I introduced them to a couple of my favorite Asian restaurants (Teaism and Saigon Bistro) as well as to our awesome ice cream shop. Their go-with-the-flow attitude was refreshing in a region that’s not noted for that kind of relaxed approach to life.

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popsicle, aloe, and rescue mission
posted by soe 12:41 am

I came home from Sock Summit with a lot of new yarn, tons of memories, a collection of tips and techniques — and a cold. Today’s three beautiful things may reflect that last bit the most:

1. A frozen coconut popsicle that numbs a sore throat.

2. Puffs Plus tissues with aloe that don’t rub your nose raw.

3. A sweet partner who goes out at midnight to buy you cold meds and ice cream when you have neither in the house.

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