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August 11, 2009

sock summit, day 1: hems, waffles, and balloons
posted by soe 11:13 pm

I know… I know… The only excuse I had is that I wrote this post out in its entirety once and then some hotel-internet-related mishap caused it to disappear entirely. I could have cried. Instead I put the computer away and went to bed.

My introduction to Sock Summit began the way many of my days do — with me trying to sidle into a room, tardy and hoping not to inconvenience anyone. Of course, normally I’m not trying to do this as the room is lead in a loud chant, as my two dozen classmates in Stephen Houghton’s Hip Hems for Him and Her were when I opened the door. I did offer to do a cheer as I made my way to an empty chair around the horseshoe of tables familiar to any college student, but thankfully no one took me up on the offer. Sock Summit was on.

I was looking forward to this class for two reasons: One, Stephen hosts a knitting podcast (which I haven’t heard, although I did hear his appearance on Stash and Burn), which led me to hope that he Classwork was good at communicating with people. Two, the class description had promised to help decorate your sock top with manly or girly edging. I tried a picot hem last summer and had given up in frustration (For those who don’t follow fashion, picot is that feminine, v-shaped edging often found on little girls’ dresses.), so I was particularly interested to find that on the class’ itinerary. (more…)

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