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August 8, 2009

sock summit: pre-summit
posted by soe 4:13 am

Last time we met, I was whining about being unprepared for my trip out to Portland. Well, that remained true up to the very minute Rudi stuffed me in a cab at 3:30 in the morning, 15 minutes later than I was supposed to be walking out the door. Luckily, the woman who drove me to the train station was quick and we made it downtown with enough time for me to buy a ticket and to stop at Starbucks to get some tea and a snack before boarding my on-time train.

My flight was nondescript, perhaps because I slept through most of them. On the second flight that was a blessing because the woman sitting next to me was very chatty. Usually I associate that trait with Midwesterners, but she was from Ithaca. Between my napping and my headphones, though, I was subjected to her questions only for takeoff and landing.

Sock Summit!I took MAX, Portland’s metro train system, to the Convention Center, where I found I was too early to register (but just in time to see the Yarn Harlot wrapping up final details). I also found I had no idea where my hotel was located, but the Convention Center folks had a map, and I tracked down the building and checked in. I opted to forgo the nap in favor of heading out (and a blackberry shake at Burgerville, Portland’s local fast food joint specializing in locally produced food). I went back and registered for the conference and then headed across the Willamette River to Portland’s downtown in search of lunch and books.

Lunch TrucksPortland is known for their vast fleet of lunch carts, which, I now know, can often be found parked in commuter lots. There were close to two dozen down by Powells, selling everything from German bratwurst to crepes to burritos. I ordered from a cart specializing in soup and sandwiches, and can attest that my vegetarian sandwich was quite tasty.

A couple hours of wandering Powells could leave anyone feeling a bit light-headed and confused. I left with only a couple of books Doughnutsand headed down Burnside to locate Voodoo Doughnuts, a local shop recommended on Ravelry. (It is possible that Carli brought us to this shop the last time we were in town. I only have a vague recollection of that night. I know it involved sushi and video games…) I did not buy any of the crazy doughnuts in the photo. I opted for an Oregon Cream Doughnut, the city’s official doughnut, which tastes an awful lot like a Boston Cream Doughnut, although I suppose I might not mention that to the bakers.

The day was sunny with pleasant temperatures, so I thought I’d walk back across the river over the Burnside Bridge (which, I suppose might be called something else). Having mistaken how far up the river I actually was from my hotel about halfway across the river, I realized I was a bit of a hike from “home.” (The building with the pointy towers is the convention center. The tall building behind it is next to my hotel, several blocks away.)


Oregon Convention Center

So what did I do?

Why, I decided I ought to walk further afield in search of someplace to eat dinner. I couldn’t find what I was looking for, though, so I turned around about a mile up the road and began the trek back to the hotel.

After arriving back at the hotel, I decided that before I ventured back out in search of dinner, I ought to talk to BW, who is also in Portland, to make plans to meet up. I got chilly during our call, though, and climbed under the covers and was starting to doze by the end. Rudi’s goodnight call an hour or so later did not rouse me sufficiently, and it wasn’t until nearly 4 a.m. that I was awake enough to get up, take out the contacts, and get out of my pants.

This feels a bit like The Hobbit, except without the trolls. I walked a lot and I ate a lot. But, really, that was pretty much the day. That and the weird sleeping.

Up next: a belated TBTs and Sock Summit: Day 1. There’ll be actual knitting content!

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