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July 31, 2009

old friends, looks like rain, and new beginnings
posted by soe 12:38 am

Wow! It’s Thursday already and time for Three Beautiful Things from the last week:

1. Thursday night, we ate dinner in New York City with Erik, Eri, and ECN. We talked and laughed and listened and generally got caught back up on each other’s lives. It was just what such a gathering should be. The only bad things about the night? We forgot to take a picture to commemorate the moment, and, Rebs, we missed you!

2. Rudi and I got to Grounds for Sculpture just before a rainstorm plunked itself down over the park. Rain is such an insignificant word to describe what came down. Torrents. Deluge. Monsoon. Flash floods closed neighboring roads. By the time we got back to the car, I had to wring out my socks. But the water chased away all our fellow visitors, leaving Rudi and me alone to wade through 34 acres of sculpture and gardens and water features (some of which even existed before the storm). Honestly, it was such a fun, romantic way to spend the morning that I wouldn’t have traded it for the clearest, most sunshiny day.

3. I got to see Karen and meet Marshall, one month old:

Karen and Marshall

Aren’t they perfect?

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