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July 2, 2009

second looks, good tastes, and eye candies
posted by soe 10:52 pm

Thursday always marks the time to recall three beautiful things. This week, though, I’ve seen a lot of beauty, so we might expand it a bit:

Three things so lovely I had to mention them a second time:

1) Karen had a baby.

2) We saw dolphins.

3) Elijah spent no time with me this week, but I did write about his creation yesterday — and was really happy with a piece of writing for the first time in a while.

Three things wonderful to the tastebuds:

1) The first corn on the cob and raspberries of the season. Both sweet, but in totally different ways.

2) I made cherry clafoutis one night. Rudi suggests it may have been the most fragrant the Burrow has ever smelled.

3) The new deli by my office uses good quality mozzarella on its veggie panini, Old Bay and salt on its fries, and red birch beer in its soda fountain machine.

And, last but not least, three feasts for the eyes:

1) The lilies down the road have polka dotted centers. They look like they’ve been covered with pink jimmies or have a cheery set of freckles.

2) I did laundry this week. Our drying rack is awash with rainbow hues — from blues to greens to pinks.

3) While I rose ridiculously early on Saturday for our beach day, I did not get up before the sun. I did, however, go to bed long after it did. In fact, we were heading west over the bridges headed back to Maryland’s Western Shore as the sun was hitting the hay for the night. The brilliant pinks and oranges melted into the horizon like a scoop of sherbet on a summer afternoon.

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