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July 28, 2009

favorite sounds
posted by soe 11:03 pm

A number of blogs I read regularly post their responses to the weekly meme, Ten on Tuesday. I’m not always excited by them, but I thought this week’s topic was an interesting one. Of course, I couldn’t stick with just ten, so I expanded it to a round dozen (it’s still alliterative, so I think it’s fine):

Twelve Favorite Sounds:

  1. Rudi’s whistle (It’s more polite than shouting, I think, although you do get weird looks when whistling to someone in public…)
  2. Waves lapping at the beach
  3. Echoing cracks of thunder late at night (I was scared of nighttime thunderstorms when I was little, but I remember coming out to Mum in the living room one night and her explaining that she found it a comforting sound. And I was never frightened of thunder again.) (I also like to be close enough to fireworks to feel them explode. I think it’s a similar feeling/sound.)
  4. The silence of a snowstorm
  5. The crackle of a fire (particularly the pop of pine cones, which remind me of camping as a kid)
  6. A cappella harmonies (particularly of women singers)
  7. The purring of a content cat — or three (Posey is sprawled on my lap as I type this…)
  8. Little kids’ unfettered fits of giggling
  9. The sound of a loved one’s voice — over the phone line or in person
  10. A favorite song coming through my speakers/headphones — whether at my request or by happenstance, it matters not!
  11. Rain tapping on the window or roof first thing in the morning or last thing at night
  12. The crack of wood and leather when a batter connects well with a pitched ball

Do you have favorite sounds?

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