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April 21, 2009

i’m not often blown away by photography
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But wow!

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midday music (on tuesday): sweet life
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I don’t like deadlines and that applies even to ones that I make up for myself. So this edition of Monday Morning Music (which sometimes appears as Monday Midday or Midafternoon or Midnight Music) is appearing this week on Tuesday … in the afternoon.

I was entering a contest at Largehearted Boy and clicked around a bit to read some other posts while I was there (he likes music and books, so there’s a lot to see). And I happened across an entry involving Catie Curtis, whom I really liked back in college. I haven’t listened to her music in ages, but was intrigued by David’s endorsement of her latest album.

A few more clicks later (on Last.fm and YouTube) and I was listening to the title track, “Sweet Life,” off her fall release. Its lyrics, especially this refrain,

I had lots of big plans for tomorrow
Most of them probably won’t come true
And maybe it’s a bitter pill to swallow
But it led me here to this
Sweet life beside you

recall John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy.” It’s nice to be reminded that disappointments can lead to the beauty that surrounds your life and that makes being worthwhile. Since I sometimes have a hard time letting go (stop laughing at the word “sometimes” in that phrase!), it’s good to hear it reiterated here.

This video is the winner in the contest she held in October asking fans to provide pictures for her words:

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