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April 16, 2009

“family,” sculpture, and kids
posted by soe 11:47 pm

I wrote a nice intro about my lovely day that WordPress just ate on me. I’m afraid you’re going to have to trust me on that front and proceed on to the three beautiful things:

1. John and Susan were able to join us for Easter dinner. It was my first major holiday away from my family, so it was nice that people we’ve come to consider extended family were willing to celebrate with us. (Plus, we had a very tasty supper.)

2. As I was dodging raindrops on my way home from knitting last night, I noticed a light embedded in the front garden of a house just up the street. Their cherry red tulips were closed tight against the chill night air, resulting in what looked just like a Chihuly sculpture.

3. Monday, I helped teach kids about eggs at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. I was still working out my spiel about why robins’ eggs are blue when I stumbled helplessly for words in front of a six-year-old girl. She listened to me, glanced over, and gave me a gentle pat on my shoulder. Later, a small boy of around two, went to grab mom’s hand and instead found mine. He just held on for several minutes until dad (who was holding his other hand) went to leave and realized his son’s mistake. The boy’s hand slid away as quietly as it had arrived in mine.

What’s been beautiful in your world lately?

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