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February 5, 2009

diamond-like, inevitable?, and thanks for asking
posted by soe 9:40 pm

Today would not be one of the good days, which is why it’s all the more important to think of some of the beautiful things that I saw this afternoon. Here are just three:

1. The water in one of the “bays” off the Potomac near the airport sparkles, reflecting the clear, cold blue sky and brilliant midday sun.

2. Leaving the airport, I wonder if I will end up in D.C. or on Spout Run Parkway. Rudi assures me each time I pick him up from the airport that the detour is not necessary and that roads in Virginia do NOT move about like Hogwarts staircases. I mentally pat myself on the back when I notice the sign that offers me the exit for Memorial Bridge and correctly make the turn. Self-congratulations, it turns out, is a bit early, as I fail to exit the highway and end up back on my timeworn path. A final escape is offered to me, though, and I find myself off the highway, next to my parents’ old apartment complex. A twisty jaunt through Georgetown and I’m back in Dupont Circle.

3. I circle the neighborhood hunting for a parking spot … for nearly an hour. Each time I approach the light at Florida and Phelps, it turns red. Finally, I say aloud, “I’m getting pretty sick of this. What am I missing?” Turn right, drive a block, and the final spot a block from my house is open with nary a car in sight. I hope I hadn’t driven past it twenty times.

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the good thing about rats
posted by soe 9:22 am

You have to admit there aren’t too many upsides to having rats in your ceiling. But there is at least one — that you have to tidy the apartment sufficiently to let the landlord and handyman have access to the ceiling in two spots — the living room and the bedroom, where there are boarded-over spots from previous pest-control efforts. (This is one of the perks of renting — rats or termites in your ceiling ultimately are someone else’s problem.)

Rudi leaves for his ski holiday in three hours; let’s see if the work is done before he departs or if I have to try reassembling the bedroom on my own. Either way, I foresee a lot of this weekend being spent going through random bags of things that require shredding.

Three beautiful things from the previous week to follow later in the day…

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