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February 23, 2009

monday morning music: chelsea morning
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Last week I thought of lots of things that would make great fodder for this blog post, but I neglected to note any of them down. Luckily, though, I knew my inspirations were either my music libraries on the computer here or at work, my iPod, or Kat’s blog.

And Kat’s blog jogged my memory a bit. Hearing her play “The Circle Game” reminded me of my favorite song of Joni Mitchell’s. I bought used copies of Ladies of the Canyon and Clouds the same day at Middletown’s cd store on Main Street back in the late ’90s. Rudi and I had a major Joni thing for a few years and maybe these were a birthday present. Rudi, any recollection?

Sam generously gave me the opportunity to see Joni once before she retired. He and I caught her and Bob Dylan perform at Madison Square Garden one night in 1998. Her voice was going, but you couldn’t help but be impressed.

Anyway, this is Joni much earlier — on the Dick Cavett Show in August 1969 — performing “Chelsea Morning.” Ignore the costumes and the sets and just listen to her sing. Amazing.

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a weekend
posted by soe 2:16 am


It’s Sunday night and the weekend is over — yet again.

How does that happen so quickly? I mean, it’s 2 1/2 days. It should last longer, shouldn’t it?

I meant to get more done. I meant to clean the apartment. I meant to send off those ridiculously late Christmas presents. I meant to block Gramma’s quilt. I meant to get caught up on book reviews. I meant to… Well, you get the picture.

You also probably guessed that none of those things happened.

Friday night, I don’t quite remember. I know I went to the store to buy cat food, dodging several weird guys who seemed to think I was interested in them. (Freaks.) I picked up pizza. I watched Numbers and Conan O’Brian’s final show before he heads off to California to succeed Jay Leno. That might have been it…

Yesterday, I got up when Rudi left for his bike ride. I read some emails and some blogs and some of my book. I went to the library. I took a nearly 6 mile stroll out and about without a coat. (I was wearing a sweater and scarf.) I may have taunted a gang of out-of-town teenagers, but if I did, they started it. I finally got a chance to try a cupcake from Baked and Wired, which I enjoyed with a chai down on the Potomac. (The cupcake was the best I’ve had in D.C. and definitely merits a return trip.) I saw what hopefully will be the first blooming daffodils later this week. I did some grocery shopping done, although I forgot to buy sugar. I celebrated these accomplishments with a nap with Jeremiah and Della after I realized that nodding off at the computer was just silly. And I finished the night with a lovely chili dinner and movie night with Rudi and an early night in bed.

Today, we slept in. We hit the farmers’ market, where, because of a freak storm, there were lots of veggies and flowers still to be had. I drank lots of tea. I did some laundry and some dishes. I sorted through my clothing, doing the seasonal purge and put together a huge bag of things that should go to Goodwill. I finished knitting my hat, the first thing I’ve finished for me in more than six months, while watching the Oscars. (I’ll share it with you later this week after Rudi has a chance to photograph it for me.) I talked to my family and to Rudi’s mom and to Susan. We contemplated our finances, the worth of our cars, and the D.C. real estate market. And I will finish my book and wash a load of dishes before heading to bed in the next hour.

Okay, so I take it back. I can see how 2 1/2 days could go by, just like that. It was a good weekend, after all.

How was your weekend?

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