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December 11, 2008

festive, familiar, and first of the season
posted by soe 11:51 pm

Oops! Running out of Thursday… Three beautiful things from the past week or two:

1. Metro decorated for Christmas. Metro Center is outfitted in green and gold garland. And the Dupont Circle ticket shack is sporting garland in red.

2. On a cool, rainy night, the smell outside the house of the dryer venting.

3. Nearly invisible snow flurries drift down as Rudi and I leave to cut down our tree on Saturday. By the time we’ve tied the tree on the roof and are heading back toward the District, the snow flakes are obvious even to casual observers. After a stop at a store or two, we return to find snow coating the grass and the car.

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trick or treat swap
posted by soe 2:10 am

Way back in October, I received a goodie-filled box I haven’t yet acknowledged here on the blog, possibly because I was so guilt-ridden about the tardiness of my own outward-bound package.

The Trick-or-Treat Feet Swap was designed for knitters to make a pair of socks for another knitter and to send them off with some Halloween goodies.

Let me tell you, KT spoiled me. Not only did she knit socks long enough to fit my gigantic feet, but she went ahead and made them knee-high for me. That’s right. The Good & Plenty socks are tall enough for me to wear under my dress boots. Plus, don’t you just love the color?

Jer Likes Socks in a Box

And the treats? Wow… (more…)

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