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December 12, 2008

my d.c.: macy’s windows
posted by soe 11:26 pm

Since Macy’s took over the old Hecht’s flagship store in downtown D.C. a few years ago, they’ve been decorating the store windows at Christmas. This year they even went so far as to roll out the red carpet, invite a celebrity singer to visit, and make a little production of the unveiling.

The windows are fun, but the music, particularly during the day, can only be described as blaring. I ought not to be able to hear it clearly on the other side of the street over the bustle of midday traffic.

So cue up your own favorite Christmas tune and check out the windows of the District’s Macy’s store:

Do You Believe?

Making Tinsel

Building Stars

Snow Creation

How Ornaments Get their Dizzle Dazzle

What Makes Christmas Lights Bright?

Santa's Helpers

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