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April 17, 2008

leaving, quiet time, and rainbows
posted by soe 11:44 pm

I’m sniffly and a little grumpy tonight, but thinking about beautiful things always makes me feel better.

Here are three from my last week:

1. Good news for three friends. John’s bid on a condo was accepted and he is going to be a homeowner. The ad copy for his Cap Hill condo described it as “geeked out” with “killer rooftop views.” Elspeth got the new job she’d been hoping for which will take her back to the former Soviet nations. [E, is the job in Ukraine or Azerbaijan?] And Sarah’s boyfriend’s job is almost certainly taking them to Peru for three months at the end of May. Such good news for everyone! (But I will miss you all!)

2. Gramma and I sit. We talk some, but there isn’t a need for it. We’re comfortable in our own skins and with each other. We read, we watch the birds, I knit, she does crossword puzzles. We drink tea and eat cookies. But mostly we’re just together and that’s enough.

3. Karen and I had a late lunch in Sturbridge and ended up at the East Brimfield Dam. We explored the dam and marveled at the lofty black clouds overhead before hurrying back to the car to avoid being caught in a downpour. When I pointed out the neat way the evergreens stood out against the deciduous trees in that light, Karen realized we were getting an even better show — a double rainbow!

(Click to enlarge the shot.)

What’s beautiful in your world?

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