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April 5, 2008

a wee tiny post
posted by soe 9:15 am

Purple Wee Tiny Sock

Last week I caved into the twee side of my nature and signed up for Emily’s Wee Tiny Sock Swap. Emily was my spoiler in Amanda’s Bloomin’ Sock Swap last spring and I adore everything she does — whether it’s aimed at me or at the knitting world in general.

So over the weekend, I knit a tiny sock out of some leftover lavender Opal Gems I had in my stash. My sock fit on my pinkie. I sent it off to Jackie, who is a fellow purple lover.

Wee Tiny Sock

And in Wednesday’s mail, I got a lovely spring green envelope containing a dear itsy-bitsy sock of my own. Mandy knit it out Socks That Rock in Rocktober. Funnily enough, the only other time I’ve encountered STR is when Emily made socks for me. See? I can make it come full circle…

Bear with Sock

I love my sock. My polar bear is currently modeling it to keep it safe from the kittens, who thought it smelled intriguing and offered to carry it off, à la Mooch, to spend some personal quality time with it.

Thanks to Mandy, Jackie, and Emily for making this such a fun swap!

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