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April 16, 2008

a random ten on wednesday
posted by soe 1:27 pm

I decided we hadn’t played the spin up the iPod game in a while, so here are the ten songs my music player thought you’d like to hear:

1. “Splendid Isolation” — Warren Zevon
2. “Whole Wide World” — Wreckless Eric
3. “Lawyers, Guns, and Money” — Warren Zevon (hmmm… I have been in a Warren mood recently, but it seems odd that my iPod picked up on it, don’t you think?) (Also, don’t you think that this would make a (sadly) appropriate tagline for D.C.? Although maybe more in the ’80s than today. Maybe now we’d substitute “Overpriced Condos” for “Money.”)
4. “Rescue” — Lucinda Williams
5. “The Whole World Round” — RedBird
6. “Cowboy Singer” — Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer
7. “Cross of Flowers” — Jeffrey Foucault
8. “Wide Open Spaces” — Dixie Chicks
9. “Mary Blaize” — Kate Rusby
10. “Little Earthquakes” — Carrie Newcomer

Can’t you imagine the movie that accompanies this soundtrack?

What does your music player think we’d like to hear?

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what’s not on my needles…
posted by soe 2:22 am

In case you were wondering, my Christmas knitting is done. (I hope.)

I reknit Gramma’s beret while up in Connecticut and left it blocking on a plate in the kitchen. I hope it fits better than it did the first time, when it was simultaneously too big and too small. (I know!) Since I was fighting the clock (and the cabbie who was waiting patiently in the driveway for five minutes unbeknownst to us), I didn’t put the cute little stem on and I didn’t snap pictures. Hopefully when Mum gets home, she will a) report back as to whether it actually fit and b) snap a picture for me (particularly if it fits this time around).

Gramma's Beret, Take One Casualty

These pictures are from the first time I knit the hat. As you can see, we suffered a sad loss during the knitting process. Luckily, I learned from the mistake and used a metal size US0 to help me with the K3togs this time. It slowed down my progress, but all my needles are still intact.

Also done are Mum’s Monkeys:

Mum's Monkeys

I believe that it’s Posh Yarn Saskia in Serendipity (a cotton/silk/cashmere blend), although the eBay seller I bought it from listed it as Lucia in Highland. A bit splitty, which is no surprise with cotton-based yarn, but otherwise quite nice. It had a particularly nice hand, and the colorway worked well in the Monkey pattern.

Design Detail Heel Closeup

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