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January 21, 2006

sunrise at elevation, warmth, and free lunch
posted by soe 12:45 pm

A special three beautiful things from my first 24 hours in San Antonio:

1. I woke up briefly on the flight from D.C. to Dallas and happened to look over my shoulder to see the sun rising behind me on the other side of the plane. If you think sunrises are pretty on the ground, you should definitely try them at 30,000 feet.

2. The temperature yesterday in San Antonio was in the mid-70s. I was able to walk around in a t-shirt.

3. We were accidentally refunded our payment on the booth we ordered for the conference we’re attending. After Heather and I set the booth up, she went to go back to her hotel, and I, who had the company credit card info, went to repay for our space. When I arrived at the right spot, it turned out they’d ordered lunch for the exhibitors. So Heather and I managed to get a free lunch out of the deal.

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