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January 13, 2006

long weekend
posted by soe 2:47 pm

The long weekend is nearly upon us and it can’t arrive soon enough.

This week was the first full week I’d worked since mid-December, and it felt like it. This week had me dragging every day and napping every evening. And next weekend will find me working a conference in San Antonio.

This weekend’s plans are quiet, but thorough:

  • We will take the tree down tomorrow morning.
  • We will do loads of laundry in order to rediscover our bedroom floor.
  • We may actually manage to wrap and mail the rest of the Christmas presents we owe to our friends.
  • I will finish getting caught up on the dish backlog caused by the sink being out of commission.
  • I may think about doing my taxes. Or I may not.
  • I might make some bread. Or some cookies. Or some muffins. Or an apple crisp. Or all of the above.
  • We’ll go to the farmers’ market and get some more good veggies and the first good milk of 2006.
  • We will arrange the new reading/knitting nook by the window.
  • I will sit in the new nook and read or knit.
  • We will go hear Al Gore talk on Monday.
  • We will flip back and forth between Brit-coms and the Pats game.
  • I may even break out the Dance Dance Revolution game and do some exercising once I find sufficient space in my living room again.
  • We will mail bills and thank you notes now that we have two-cent stamps.
  • I will upload my most recent photos to the web so I can post my final roundup posts for 2005.
  • We will sleep late. Or if we do not, we will not change out of pajamas until it becomes late.

That’s it. Some things may fall off the list. Others may get added. It’s hard to say right now. But the weekend will be luxuriated in. That I can guarantee.

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