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January 4, 2006

miracles do happen (revised: or maybe not after all)
posted by soe 1:17 am

Twelve of the thirteen miners trapped in the West Virginia coal mine have been found alive.

The last novel I read in 2005 featured a similar mine explosion — with the caveat that the miners all died. While my reading experience lead me to understand that warm weather and barometric pressure can increase levels of methane in deep mines, causing explosions, I was unprepared for this knowledge to be so sadly useful so soon.

I am delighted for the families of the twelve miners — and for the miners themselves. To have cheated death when all signs pointed to certain disaster is wonderful news to hear in the middle of the night.

To the family of the one miner who died, I send healing thoughts of peace. Knowing that others lived when your family member did not is little comfort when you are facing lonely days ahead. My thoughts remain with you.

Update: Apparently, it’s only smaller miracles happen. And maybe not even them. The revised news is that only one miner was rescued, and this morning finds him in critical condition in the hospital. I can’t imagine the horror and devastation you might feel if you were told your loved one had survived against all odds and then that was taken away from you. My thoughts are not adequate for that sort of loss, but I offer them to the families anyway, for I have nothing else to give (other than my own outrage toward the wrong reports and toward mine owners who chose not to improve safety conditions despite dozens of citations).

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