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October 6, 2005

grilled cheese, hats, and precedent
posted by soe 4:40 pm

My trip has screwed up my internal clock, but it really is Thursday today. Without further ado, we present Three Beautiful Things from the last week:

1. While walking back to the hotel Monday morning, I passed a local coffeehouse where I decided to get a cup of tea. They seemed like they had a promising lunch menu, so I returned on Tuesday for my midday meal and had the most amazing sandwich. It was cheddar, gouda, tomato, and lettuce on blueberry cornbread. Divine.

2. I like hats, probably because I look good in them (a trait I inherited from my mother). While in England, I bought a bright green courderoy newsboy cap that I’ve worn on several occasions since I returned. And people really seem to like it. And me in it.

3. My confidence is beginning to wane in my ability to finish my knitting project by Monday afternoon. But my friends seem to believe I will pull it off, perhaps because I have pulled off a number of large projects as deadlines loomed. I appreciate their faith in me, because it’s really all I’m working off of at this point.

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