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February 24, 2016

ten on tuesday: my favorite things right now
posted by soe 2:14 am

Carole’s Ten on Tuesday topic this week was too enjoyable to resist: Who doesn’t want to write about some of their favorite things of the moment?

Mine include (and I’m taking this at face value and not including people):

Office Plants

  1. My volleyball teams: I’m having such fun playing twice a week. If I screwed up every other part of my winter, I at least got that right. My weekday team will be back together for our third season in a row this spring, which is exciting. And if my Sunday team wants to play again in the spring, I might agree to spend the money to rejoin them, as well.
  2. Real mail: Karen and I have been exchanging correspondences recently, and it definitely adds a level of excitement about picking up the post.
  3. Sock Madness: The annual sock-knitting competition begins again next week. I’ve been in a knitting lull/rut/funk, so I’ll be pleased to have this kick off soon.
  4. The Book Ninja Swap: I’ve had a fun time doing swaps this last year, and I’m looking forward to this one as well. I’m particularly excited about the person I’m sending to, since we have several things in common.
  5. The library: I can’t tell you how much I love that they just let me request books and dvds and then give them to me for an extended period of time. I’ve been making my way through the Marvel back catalogue on the movie front, but also have out a ton of the highly recommended titles of last year. I visit at least twice a week (once to the main branch by my office and once to the Georgetown library on the weekend) to show my appreciation (and greed).
  6. Sumo oranges: We discovered this sweet, giant, seedless orange at Whole Foods a couple years back and now I start haunting their produce section as soon as Christmas is over to get my fill. (You can see a picture on Margene’s blog, where she also lists it as a favorite.)
  7. My remaining fairy lights: We put up Christmas lights around the perimeter of the living room before the holidays, and with the exception of the week we were out of town in December, they’ve been on non-stop. They’re non-LED lights, so they die out with use (even with replacements from all my other defunct strands), and I’m now down to a segment of 20 lights I expect to have go any time now. But I appreciate them so while they’re still lit.
  8. Bulbs: With the exception of those flowers outside the Smithsonian a couple weeks back, none of the bulbs that I’ve seen in the area have bloomed yet, but all the shoots are above-ground and I know it’s only a matter of time.
  9. Orchids: Two of my three orchid plants at work are still going strong, and I compliment them on their fortitude and beauty every morning when I arrive at the office. Apparently some people have difficulty getting them to bloom once the flowers pass by the first time, but I’ve been lucky.
  10. Jam: The open jar of choice is plum, but I’ll be opening the one I bought for my birthday later this week: it’s red fruit (raspberry and strawberry) and rose.
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