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May 16, 2023

top ten things getting in the way of reading
posted by soe 12:57 am

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic at That Artsy Reader Girl invites us to share the things that keep us from our books, whether good or bad:

  1. Volleyball: Although I do keep a novella in my volleyball bag, it doesn’t get dipped into all that often.
  2. Gardening: I know I could plug in my audiobook, but time in my plot is more a “listen to a baseball game or music” sort of activity.
  3. Hanging out with friends: The very best reason not to read.
  4. Streaming tv: Once upon a time, when nothing appealed, I’d turn off the tv. Now there always can be *some*thing on.
  5. Sleeping: More napping than actually sleeping. Sleep is important, or, at least, that’s what they keep telling me.
  6. Shopping: Again, another activity that could be done whilst listening to an audiobook, but I just usually don’t.
  7. Riding a bike: One of the major drawbacks of this mode of transportation.
  8. Thinking: My brain processes information audibly, which means it’s really hard to layer written words on top if I’m thinking about something too much.
  9. Driving locally: I can listen to audiobooks on long, highway-based trips, but not if I’m driving somewhere that’s direction-intensive.
  10. Playing games on my phone: This is probably my least excusable interference.

How about you? What gets in the way of your reading time?

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