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April 11, 2022

early april weekending
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Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Finally, we got back toward having some pleasant weather, so I spent quite a bit of this weekend outside.

Friday evening, we had drinks on the patio of our local yuppie grocery store/bar.

Saturday, we spent the first part of the day at our garden, doing general maintenance with other gardeners. Rudi and I weeded pathways and raked, and we felt very good about our efforts by the time we headed home in the early afternoon. In the evening, we headed to the ballpark for the Mets-Nationals game and our friend Sarah’s birthday. The Mets’ Pete Alonzo hit a grand slam, which was very exciting for me, but the Nationals failed to recognize Sarah’s special day by playing their best. The temperature kept dropping, so by the end of the ninth we were all well bundled into the winter clothing we’d brought and aching for everyone who came to bat to get out quickly. But overall it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday in April.

Today, I got to sleep in a bit before heading to the farmers market. We later enjoyed the ramps (wild leeks) I picked up in omelettes for supper. In the afternoon, I headed over to Virginia to return a library book. I picked up some doughnuts from the yuppie doughnut shop and four books from the library, and then spent some time sipping a fabulous seasonal drink — a peaches n’ cream tea latte — and reading in the sun (and wind) on the patio of the local coffeehouse. We had our monthly video call with friends on the west coast in the evening and then rounded out the night with some tv.

How was your weekend?

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