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February 12, 2022

birthday extravaganza weekend planning
posted by soe 1:08 am

My birthday weekend has arrived. I’ve done no formal planning, short of taking Monday off from work. But here’s how I think I’ll spend at least some of the time:

My friend Neal and I are going to do something outside on Saturday. It’s still supposed to be ridiculously warm for February and he’s even more cautious about COVID than I am. So maybe we’ll explore Kingman Island or something like that.

I’ve got some books to read (I started four the other day in an effort to figure out which one would stick first) and some more to pick up at the library.

And I really want to do some baking. Some cookies or brownies or a cake… Since weather is expected tomorrow night, that’s probably a good time to make some comfort food.

On Sunday, it’ll start with the farmers market.

I’m thinking I might head over to Planet Word in the afternoon to see if I can score a day pass. It opened during the pandemic, and I have yet to add museums back into my repertoire. But it’s one devoted to language and that seems an appropriate gift to myself.

I’m going to plan on watching Around the World in Eighty Days and All Creatures Great and Small on Masterpiece on Sunday, plus some Olympics and a movie or two to stream (I caught Legally Blonde tonight) in the meantime. I might even pull the knitting out of the bag and work on it.

Monday, maybe Rudi and I will just head to the movies for the day. There are several things playing, and I’d like to think daytime movies aren’t too crowded. The zoo and the museums aren’t open on Mondays, so it’s either that or go for a drive. There will be pizza for supper and a stop for ice cream at some point, since you should never turn down free ice cream on your birthday.

What’s on your weekend agenda?

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