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November 21, 2021

productive, but not always in the right spots
posted by soe 1:16 am

The apartment still looks like a tornado came through, but now you can add a couple bags of groceries, several bags of Christmas presents, and a full bag of produce from the garden. (Tomatoes, peppers, all the remaining basil (two types), Swiss chard, and a handful of tomatillos are in the bag (and then I added at least half a dozen ripe figs from the tree in the park)).

November Garden Haul

Admittedly, Mount Laundry is now looking more like Laundry Foothill, with three loads done since Rudi left. I’ve got at least three more to do before we head north for the holiday, but I should probably switch over to removing items from the Burrow, rather than just cleaning and rearranging them. (This would have been made easier had the recycling been picked up this week.) We have a new cat sitter coming by Monday evening, so I now definitely have a narrowing timetable for putting the worst of the situation to rights.

Tomorrow holds more than cleaning, though. Sarah and I are getting together in the afternoon for lunch†, and I’ll probably bike across town to get in a little more exercise and daylight and to count it as a Coffeeneuring ride.

But once the sun goes down, I’ll get to work righting the ship.

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