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November 8, 2021

standard time weekending
posted by soe 1:53 am

Standard Time Sunset

Like all weekends, some plans worked out, while others fell through. Turns out, everyone in D.C. thought an Asian night market sounded like fun, so when reports of multiples of thousands of people waiting in line reached us, I decided I could give it a pass. And I utterly slept through the waffles event. Apparently, catching up on some sleep was more important. Sharing laundry facilities means you can only do laundry when your neighbors aren’t. My coffee table is still covered with stuff. And we still haven’t figured out what to do about our tree trimming party. I mean, does a week of open houses sound like a good idea?

But I spent time at the garden, stopped by the library (and got a book from another that Rudi picked up for me), visited the farmers market and went past the grocery store.

I started a new book and knit (a little). I biked and drank tea. We got pizza and watched some tv (and I may have watched some of a Christmas movie). I talked with friends in town and across the country. Some of our volleyball team got together for s’mores on a roofdeck. There’s applesauce on the stove. (I really need to figure out where the food mill is hiding.) And I’ve got a day off on Thursday to look forward to.

How was your weekend?

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