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June 2, 2021

quiet, but not
posted by soe 1:41 am

My parents live a bit off the beaten track, not so far that someone wouldn’t hear you if you called for help, but not so close they’d immediately be able to tell where you were.

It’s relatively quiet here, especially at night, but mostly quiet as defined in country terms. Overnight, you won’t hear traffic, although on rare nights you get a troop transfer flying overhead. I can hear peepers and crickets and other outdoorsy creatures marking time. When Rudi and I came upstairs to bed, we could listened to a very chatty owl. Sometimes you hear a second one, but if there was one tonight, I think they were both in the woods out back. Last night when I woke up in the middle of the night I heard a fox or a fisher cat screaming. It was very disconcerting, even if I did know it wasn’t a human making those noises. (See above.)

At home, I get cars passing by at all hours, although overnight, there are fewer of them. The birds start calling around 2 a.m. and stay chatty until dawn. You don’t hear the cicadas in my neighborhood, but you do in some others. Rats periodically scrabble past.

These aren’t the sounds I grew up with mostly (my suburban neighborhood was far closer to what I get here), but they’re what I’ve become used to.

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