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April 3, 2021

thanks, past me
posted by soe 1:33 am

Past me, the one who kept running up against her vacation limit (at my organization, when you bump up against your maximum vacation allowance, they stop letting you accumulate time off, so I ended up having to take off an emergency half day at one point because I wasn’t going to get the full vacation time I’d earned that pay period), booked a day off each in March and April. I’ve noticed in past years that President’s Day to Memorial Day is the longest drought of federal holidays in any year. Managing a too-heavy workload (and the attendant stress) is currently the biggest challenge of my job, and I suspected that not taking the occasional day off might figuratively kill me.

I have something I’m hoping to do on Monday, but I’m keeping it to myself right now for fear of jinxing it. (Family health emergencies and car woes have scuppered several days off over the past six months; I do not put it past the universe to laugh at me again.)

I do plan to spend some of Easter weekend outside at the garden (we have a public space workday tomorrow morning) and some of it baking. There’s a monthly video chat with friends who now live far away and possibly a get-together with a couple friends who still live nearby. I won’t have to watch the UConn women in the NCAA finals and the two baseball teams I follow had their games canceled due to a COVID outbreak amongst D.C.’s players, so that frees up some time for watching a video, starting a new (or picking up an old) knitting project, and wrapping up a couple books.

And if nothing else, I’ll be able to turn off my alarms for Monday morning and sleep in. Even if that’s all that happens, there are definitely worse ways to spend the third day of a long weekend.

How are your Easter weekend plans coming along?

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