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February 22, 2021

posted by soe 1:26 am


This handsome fellow came home yesterday afternoon, which was absolutely lovely. Because he was out of state, obviously, we need to keep mostly to ourselves until after he tests negative later in the week, but the sun just made it too impossible to stay below ground. So we ventured forth to the Georgetown to the waterfront, double-masked except for when we were far away from others and drinking/eating.

We had saved the final To All the Boys movie for Rudi’s return, which was both a satisfying end to the trilogy and also a perfect February Saturday date night. And tonight we watched some lovely season finales to Miss Scarlet and the Duke and All Creatures Great and Small.

We replenished all the batteries on the fairy lights and ate lots of cookies (thanks, Mum and Dad!) and doted on the cat and generally just enjoyed being under the same roof again.

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