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August 30, 2020

help with my next shawl
posted by soe 1:42 am

I mentioned yesterday that I’d like to knit a new shawl as my Tour de France Knitalong project (and afterwards, because I’m terrible at finishing projects in a set period of time). With Rudi’s assistance, I’ve narrowed it down to four three options (as I was typing this, I realized one pattern called for two skeins of yarn and I only had one). However, Rudi has given some subtle hints that he doesn’t care to extend this process past hour four, so I thought I’d come to you.

The three shawl patterns (with links to their Ravelry pages) are:

  1. Reyna — I’d knit this in one of the myriad skeins of variegated fingering yarns I have. I even have a couple options if I want to make it two skeins large. Rudi has been underwhelmed by Reyna every time I show it to him, but I still keep coming back to it, probably because I have so many skeins of yarn that would look beautiful in it.
  2. Campfire Cozy — I’d likely knit this from a bag of Cascade 220 Heathers in a burgundy color. However, I’m hung up on the fact that I bought it forever ago (pre-Ravelry) for a cardigan that I’ve never made, but if I use 6 skeins of it to make this shawl, I also never will. I could make a slightly less gigantic version out of DK-weight yarn instead and use the two skeins of Miss Babs Yowza I have:


    Since the worsted version measures 112″ x 41″, a smaller version might not be terrible. Rudi points out that I would wear this shawl all the time, and he’s not wrong.

  3. Love Grows Here — This is probably both Rudi’s and my favorite of the three patterns and it comes from the designer who made the pattern I knit for last year’s Tour de France (Forever in Blue Jeans). I have two skeins of lilac-lavender yarn I could use as the background color, but I’d have to track down all my leftovers, which feels like a hassle right now, but that would probably be fine once I started knitting. (The versions Cally made used eight colors for her stripes, just as a reference.)

Got any thoughts?

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