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August 1, 2020

first weekend planning of august
posted by soe 1:26 am

August 1st has pretty much arrived, and now I will finally get to find out if I really forgot to do something!

Other things I’m going to work on this weekend are:

  • Going to the farmers market. Did you know it’s National Farmers Market week? Please support your local agriculture. As we’ve seen earlier this year, local food sources are crucial to keeping people fed.
  • Video chatting with friends. A bunch of us who live or used to live in D.C. have a monthly video chat on Saturday evening.
  • Making ice cream. The leading contenders are peach, root beer, and peppermint stick.
  • Baking bread. Also, I need to be brave and see if the old fridge killed my sourdough. Rudi kept it in a cooler with ice, but not everything we put in there made it through. I know I can make a new starter if I’ve killed it, but still…
  • Finishing my sock. You saw how close I am to being done. If I’d just put my phone down while watching tv, I’d be done already.
  • Watch The Goldfinch, which is due back to the library.
  • Plant the last group of seed potatoes I found when we reorganized the kitchen. I keep forgetting to take them to the garden.
  • Check out a new Azerbaijani bakery that opened recently.
  • Listen to some baseball, because who knows how much longer they’re going to let that experiment go on.
  • Reorganize our dvd collection. We pulled most of them out earlier in the pandemic, and it’s time to get them back where they belong.

How about you? What’s on your weekend to-do list?

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