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October 22, 2019

ten tv shows i like
posted by soe 1:41 am

I wasn’t feeling today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic, so I decided to share instead ten tv shows still currently in production that I like:

  1. Stumptown: Down-on-her-luck former military intelligence officer Dex becomes a P.I. & solves cases in Portland, Oregon. (ABC)
  2. Magnum, P.I.: Not-down-on-his-luck former military officer Magnum serves as the inspiration for a bestselling thriller writer & solves cases in Honolulu, Hawaii. Better than the original, in my opinion. (CBS)
  3. My Life Is Murder: Recently retired and widowed detective Alexa solves mostly cold cases in Melbourne with the support of her former boss and a young police analyst. In between, she bakes bread, pretends not to like a cat that doesn’t technically belong to her, and plays video games. (Acorn)
  4. A Million Little Things: A group of 40-something friends deal with being adults, even when it really sucks, in this sort of soapish drama. (ABC)
  5. God Friended Me: In sort of a modern Highway to Heaven, three NYC millennials respond to Facebook friend requests from God, featuring people who need help. (CBS)
  6. Frankie Drake Mysteries: Canadian women in the 1920s solve murders & kick ass. (PBS)
  7. Agents of SHIELD: A futuristic police force in the Marvel Universe peopled by pretty nerds protects the world from otherworldly threats. (ABC)
  8. Blood & Treasure: A former FBI agent and a master thief team up to solve religious & historical crimes in this melodramatic caper with great settings. (CBS)
  9. Carmen Sandiego: A modern twist on the old PBS show has an animated Carmen trying to prevent crime and reunite relics with their cultural home, while taking down the school for mastermind criminals where she was raised. (Netflix)
  10. Mr. Iglesias: A high school history teacher cracks jokes and inspires his underperforming inner-city students at his L.A. alma mater. (Netflix)

How about you? What scripted shows do you currently enjoy?

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